The Boys Who Said NO!

—In Production—

Directed and co-produced by Judith Ehrlich

Producer- Christopher Colorado Jones

The Boys who Said No! tells the story of the young men, subject to our nation’s last draft, who for reasons of conscience choose prison over killing during the Vietnam war. It is a story of the couple who most publicly embodied the non-violence movement of the time- Joan Baez and David Harris. Baez, the iconic voice of the anti-war movement, married Harris, leader of “The Resistance” shortly before he was sentenced to three years in prison for publicly refusing to be drafted. Their son, Gabe was born while David was behind bars. At its core, it’s a story of deeply thoughtful and spiritual resisters to war, but this story unfolds with the flash of tie-die and smell of patchouli oil within the rollicking counter-culture of a particular time and place. In what is soon to be known as Silicon Valley, the principles of Gandhi meet the hippy California commune based counter-culture of drugs, sex, rock and roll and the birth of the Internet.

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